Select the Correct Sewing Notions When Sewing Doll Clothes Patterns

There are many illustrations to choose from. A construction worker. A doctor. The pit crew for a race car. All these professions have tools of the trade they use every day. A contractor would never choose a rubber mallet to pound a nail any more than a race car's pit crew would use a hand held screw driver to change a tire during a big race. This shows that the proper tools are just as important as the skills it takes to complete a job. As you create clothes for Dolly, you need to collect buttons, zippers, thread, and so on. When sewing for dolls, choose sewing notions that work best for each pattern and help, not complicate matters, as you sew on a smaller scale.
I am sure, like me, you have a separate area for your doll clothes notions than the ones you use for your adult patterns. If not, I recommend a quick trip to a Walmart or fabric store to get a rolling storage cabinet with drawers in a variety of sizes; smaller ones to sort out pins and buttons and larger ones for thread, lace, and tape. Have an extra pair of scissors and measuring tape and make sure these tools have a home in your cabinet. It easily travels with you and all you need while sewing for dolls is all in one easily found spot.
To give you a few ideas, let's go through a list of doll clothes notions you would find if you came in my sewing room right now:
Flat doll buttons- these may serve more of a decorative purpose due to the fact that little fingers will dress Dolly, but are wonderful sewn over Velcro down the front of a blouse.
Snaps- extra small of course, due to the size of Dolly's outfit.
Stretchy plastic elastic- it is durable enough for use in Dolly's clothes, but does not withstand many washings. Stretches larger areas and works well when you do not want to use a casing.
1/8-1/4" ribbon for embellishing
Narrow lace for the hems of sleeves or the bottom of Dolly's dress
Wonder tape- excellent for holding fabric in place while sewing. No need for pins!
If you need pins, choose fine, short ones. Do not use quilter's pins as they are too bulky and will leave holes in your finer fabrics.
3/8" soft pajama elastic- this works well in waistbands for pants or skirts and on the edges of puff sleeves
Thread- you could have a cabinet devoted just to thread! With all the variety of fabrics you use, make sure your thread matches. More than just color I am talking about the weight. Cotton for cotton, silk for silk and so on. Do not use cotton on silk as the fabric and thread may adversely interact down the road. Keep these elements similar.
This is a short list. You may have mentally added more as you read. Great! Make this your own. These are just a few of the basics. As you grow your skill, you will think more creatively and may eventually need a larger cabinet. Remember that whatever sewing notions you choose, you are using them on tiny clothes and they will need to be the appropriate size. Enjoy collecting the sewing notions you will use to create one of a kind outfits for Dolly and her friends.