The Joy of Artistic Nail Art

Nail art is a beautiful art that is a popular fashion trend in the recent times. Nailpolishing, manicuring, pedicuring, and nail-decorations are all integral part of this artistic art. Women today are becoming more and more fashion conscious placing more concern on their overall appearance. The overall look covers the way they dress, shoes they wear, their hair style, and of course the beauty of their nails.

It's truly been said that clean and beautiful nails speak a lot about you and your personality. Nail care is ignored by many women thinking that who looks at it but the truth reveals that it is one of the most significant aspect of a glamorous look. This trend of nail care and beauty has given birth to nail art.

In the present era, women are experimenting innovative and creative ways to beautify their nails. Modernity has further contributed to the innovation and has given a completely new form to the nail fashion. Today, there are various designs and decorations that make your nails look beautiful and trendy. Some of the hottest trends are the French Manicure, nail-extensions, nail-piercing, nail-paintings, and acrylic nails. From the simplicity of polishing to the most sophisticated nail-art, there are numerous ways you can beautify your nails.

French manicure is characteristic of natural pink base with a white base that delivers a simple yet elegant look. It is one of the latest trends revolving around the fashion industry. Then there is a huge assortment of nail art designs that involve the use of various decorative and embellishments like dried flowers, beads, glitter, fabrics, bindis, stickers, crushed shells, and sequences. All these creative decorations offer a glamorous look to the overall appearance.

Furthermore, there are nailpaintings in variety of shades and designs. Vibrant colors like gold, silver, blue, green, and red are the highly in demand to improve nail aesthetics. Water marbling and airbrushing are the most popular form of nail paintings. Apart from that geometric design, floral patterns, and tattoos look charming.

Acrylic nails have created a rave in the industry that has made many women crazy for the look and feel of these nails. These are artificial nails that are temporarily fixed to natural ones to hide various flaws like yellow nails and brittle nails. Some even use these to free themselves from the habit of nail biting.

In all its forms and types, nail-art is successfully winning the hearts and minds of people. It not only enables you to make a style statement but also boost your self-confidence. Apart from that the high level of satisfaction and in-depth happiness you feel is beyond compare.

Dark Nail Polish - Why Wear It?

Dark nail polish has always been one of the things of fashion that some people have taken to and others have not. As the winter season approaches, more and more people are veering toward darker shades of fingernail polish as a means of covering up their nails, as it more easily matches many of the components that make up a fall wardrobe.

While dark colored  polish has its drawbacks, one of them being the fact that it can stain nails a nasty yellow color, many people find that it is a perfect accessory for a fall or winter wardrobe. It started out as an essential fashion component in Ancient China, in which dark polish for their nails denoted royalty and transitioned into present day culture as an adornment for the fingers of the chic, ultra fashionable members of society.

As a matter of fashion, many men have even taken to wearing black colors of polish on their fingertips, even if it is only on the fingertips of one hand. David Bowie and Marc Bowan are good examples of fashionable celebrities who have gone so far as to sport black polish.

While black on your fingernails is rather taboo with many outfits, other dark colors like brown hues and deep reds and purples will serve well in this way. Each year has a new favorite shade of polish, that if you check them out are just as much fun if not more than black polish would be.

Dark nail polish is easily applied, although mistakes are a bit more obvious with the darker shades of  polish than with the lighter shades. You will need to reapply it daily as it chips easier and is seen by anyone who looks at your hands. If you are having your nails done by someone else, you might want to buy the bottle of polish that you are going to wear. The biggest reason being no one who is fashionable should ever be seen with chipped polish on their nails, dark or light.

Make sure that when you apply your polish on your fingernails, that you use a good base coat and top coat, as darker colors can have a reaction with the surface of your nail and leave a dull yellow hue behind after the polish is removed, and that is not very attractive at all. If you want to try out the darker colors of polish but you are not the most skilled of nail painters, spend the money and have a professional do it. You can usually get a manicure for about $10 to $15 at your local nail salon. they are trained professionals and can make any darker polish colors look perfect and professional, serving as the perfect complement to any ensemble.

No matter whom you are, you can make darker colors of polish work for you with the right outfit and the right technique. If you don't want to wear black on your nails, why not get a French Manicure done but have black instead of white tips? If you get a manicure or apply it perfectly on your own and you pick the right hues to match and set off your skin tone, dark nail polish can help you stand out among the rest. For most people, black polish on their nails will not do without looking like Vampira, but other darker of polishes can definitely be worked in.

There is no need to wear black on your nails if that is not a color you really like.  For some reason black polish is thought of as Goth but it has hit main stream these days. Just start looking at deep navy blue or royal purple or deep shades of brown as it will work just as well.  Why not pick out a color of dark polish that just might go with everything and most of all have fun with it. Isn't that what wearing polish on your nails is all about, no matter if it's dark and or light?

The Beauty of 3D Nail Art

Visiting Vancouver nails salon weekly is a routine for me. I like to keep my nails clean and well cared for. That includes having great color and crafted with the very fashionable Vancouver Japanese nail art.

I visit different nail salons here in my place to see which has the best service. I am quite meticulous in regards to how they deliver and most especially the quality of the service. Because I consider myself as a very fashionable person and I would like to keep up with the trend, I can say that keeping a lifestyle like this needs careful investigation. Although I am not that fussy about perfect detail, I just like to make sure that I feel and look good.

Nowadays, I am fond of Vancouver 3D nails. I like how it looks because they are pretty and they give much personality. It's like they have their own statement of who I am so they need to keep up with my expectations.

These designs are like a window to my being. I like to dress up differently almost everyday according to the needs of parties or events, latest fashion trends and mood. These designs enable me to emphasize what look I am trying to portray. Like when I am in the mood to wear gothic clothes then a design with skulls or black flame would be appropriate. The same goes when a get-together needs me to wear a particular costume or get-up then I have to match the needs of that outfit with my nails. So, I visit different Vancouver nail salon in search for the best designs that show my personality.

Compared to color nail polish and regular Vancouver manicure and pedicure, the creativity of this art is just special. There is limitation to the conventional nail polish. Although it can be mixed with other colors making artistic drawings or art designs on the nail, Vancouver 3D nails emphasize the beauty of fine art and serve as an extension of my imagination. And being a 3-dimensional design, the materials used protrude from the nail; they pop out, unlike the usual color nail polish.

The things utilized in designing the nails are small 3D objects made from sculpture powder that has been molded to the desired figure. Also, some of the bits used are 3D stickers like the ones found in scrapbooks although these are customized to fit the nail. Small gems and crystals are also used to add that luxurious look. After being airbrushed with paint, the acrylic nail chips become the slate wherein these objects are attached then voila! A fashion statement has been made customized according to my imagination, of course.

I like having them and showing them off to my friends because they make me feel attractive, fashionable, and artistic. So whenever a party comes, after I have done my hair and make-up, I go down to the nearest nail salon to fix up. After getting a Vancouver manicure, I head to the artists that handle the designs and rig up my beautiful nails with fashion motivated art.