French Manicure - Tips, Description, and History

French Manicure Description
Fashion gurus possess conflicting points of view on the stylish French manicure. Some experts deem that it is old fashioned while still others favor the outlook that it is elegant and timeless and will never be outmoded. Nonetheless, whatever the experts believe, still a lot of women opt for the French manicure due to its natural appearance and sophistication. It also provides the nails well-groomed and neat look that is not ostentatious and finicky.

French Manicure is a manicure style that's graceful. It showcases white nail tips highlighted by a base having natural look. It is a fashion technique of polishing the finger or toe nails in which off white or ivory nail polish is put on to the tips of the nails while sheer polish, soft beige or pastel pink coat is applied to the rest of the nails. This style is ideal for moderate or short-length nails. French manicure was made well known by famous stars and fashion authorities in the last century and yet it's still a remarkable part of vogue trends this present day.

French Manicure History
Let's learn the staging on the progress of the French manicure approaches, together with a few of the variants existing in our day. The introduction of the first French manicure is quite uncertain. However undoubtedly, the French manicure technique became prevalent in several French nail salons. In the early periods of the 20th century, the chic style drew the interests of US fashion designers. This led to the massive application of the French manicure amongst the famous female celebrities of the 1920s. Then, ladies in the United States imitated the procedure. The craze went on until 1930s as countless ladies have the French manicure as part of their beauty treatments at salons. However with the Depression that controlled a large part of the US, practical women started to study the procedures to craft the manicure's appearance at home.

French Manicure Procedures
Before you start giving your nails a French manicure, make sure you have followed the general rule for putting on nail polish.
o Prepare your nails by immersing them in lukewarm water in order to make softer the cuticles.
o Get rid of old nail polish using acetone remover. Lightly push cuticles back with an orangewood stick and cuticle remover. Clean and trim your nails.
o Spread over hand cream to your nails and wipe them in. Let it there for three to four minutes. Wipe down nails using a tissue to eliminate surplus.
o Apply an even and thin clear base coat. Place a tip guide unto your nails. This will wrap your nail's lower portion. Then follow the curvature of your nail tip's white color.
o Put on white or neutral polish to the uncovered tips of the nails and dry. The portion that will be painted white must be kept thin. Going too broadly on the white paints will make your fingernails appear stocky.
o When the tip's white polish is already dry, carefully take away the nail tip guides.
o Paint the whole length of the nails twice using a beige polish.
o Lastly, set a layer of top coat. The top coat's main job is to shield the layers underneath it.
o Clean few slip-ups (if any) with the use of an orangewood stick enveloped in cotton dampened with acetone or remover.
o Let your fingernails dry totally. It normally takes 25 minutes before your finger nails can perform small things. Although it takes an hour before you can actually use your hands for bigger tasks.

In order to have an enduring French manicure as well as maintain neat looking nails, make sure to put an added coating of top coat on the nails each night. Moreover, beauty stores and pharmacies make available nail polish kits particularly built for the French manicure. These assembled kits will be highly handy for you. And, you can visit a nail spa or salon to get your nails polished if you are anxious of manicuring yourself. In general, French manicure costs higher over a regular polish due to the level of precision required to come up with a nice set of French manicure.

Nail Art As a Growing Art Form

Fashion has always been experimented with many types of art forms. One of the most growing and happening thing now a days in fashion is the beautiful nail art. Fashionable women are now decorating their nails in many beautiful designs ranging from simple and understated to more intricate and outrageous patterns.

Nail art turns nails into a small canvas. Many artistic designs can be done on such a small space. This can be done by freehand painting or by using many decorative materials like gem stones, glitters, stars, dots, stripes etc.

Freehand painting on nails:

Nails can be painted freehand. But it should be done with proper care and right procedure. Before starting painting, nails should be nicely trimmed, cleaned and dried. First apply the base coat. Then apply two coats of desired nail colour according to the design. Then start painting on it with brush by taking desired nail colours. When finished, let it dry. At the end apply a transparent top coat on the complete design. This helps the art stay longer. Beginners should start with simple designs. Let your creativity flow through the brush. It can be floral, geometric, abstract as per your style. For inspiration, you can browse through many nail art galleries on internet also.

Professional nail artists:

When nail art can be done at home, there are professionals in beauty salon for this job, called 'nailist'. Professional nailist do it in a better way. They use right materials and proper techniques to make it perfect.

Using accessories on nails:

Many decorative gems, foils, tiny flowers and other such accessories are available in market which can be used to give nail art a three dimensional look. Earlier nail paints were available with stars and glitters floating in them. But now a days such materials are available separately. apply a small amount of nail art sealer on nail first. Then pour out some decorative items on a plate. Now pick up desired items with the help of a tweezer or a manicure stick. Then place on the nail carefully and put little pressure on it. Let it dry.

Nail stickers

Nail stickers are ready-made designs created in the shape of nails. They can be just pressed on nails to get an instant fix.

Popularity of nail art:

Nail art originated in Japan. But it has gained world wide popularity in last ten years. Professional nailists are growing in many beauty salons at present. Many institutions are also offering courses on nail art. Many countries are arranging nail art workshops and exhibitions to promote this trendy art form. Not only finger nails, toe nail painting is also becoming the latest trend. All these development shows that, this unique, trendy and stylish art form is going to stay longer and stronger in the world of fashion.

Why Nail Art Is So Popular

Women all over are going crazy over nail artistry. It is like meow!; look at my lovely nails, people! One just have to go to Pinterest to realize that nail art is popping up all over the show. It can also be seen on various nail art blogs, Twitter pages, as well as You Tube tutorials. Why would nail design fashion be so popular all of a sudden?

The Reason For Nail Artistry's Popularity

In a large way, you've got to thank the fashion industry for making nail fashion what it is today. Just thinking back to the fascinating catwalks that were led by various designers in London during the autumn/winter season 2012, will make you realize just how much emphasize was being placed on unusual looking nails.

Different style nail creations were admired by all who attended as the models show cased the most unusual designs such as the black and blue houndstooth patterned nails by Henry Holland's team. Then there were nails featuring ghosts and eggs as well as other motifs being displayed by Meadham Kirchoff's models.

Another reason for the recent popularity of nail styling could be attributed to the sudden obsession with nail polish, where women were looking for something else besides just ordinary nail polish. Besides, the New York Times reported an increase of 67% in nail polish sales in America alone.

It goes to show that nail art is an inexpensive way for women all over to make a fashion statement about themselves. Retailers seem to think that this new craze is womens way of beautifying their hands and fingers much like they would have done with diamonds in times gone by. Only now, it is deemed so much safer in that their chances of getting robbed is very slim in comparison.

History of Nail Art

If you think about it, you will see that nails beautification was a lot less glamorous before 1920 as an abrasive powder was being used to help your nails to shine while various types of stains were used to add colour to it.

Then, Charles Revson became everyone's favourite as he developed the very first opaque nail polish back in 1930, which in turn gave birth to the well known Revlon cosmetic range.

Nowadays, women prefer something more unique such as nail art. More than ever before, women are looking for the next best thing with regards to nail art. You can bet your last few pennies that nail art will increasingly become popular due to the buzz that is being created on various social media platforms such as Tumblr, Facebook, Twitter, Google+, and others.

Who would want to be left out when it comes to showcasing your own nail art on YouTube or Facebook. Sporting unusual nail art that is not only unique but wildly different will surely get you noticed, and that without having to spend an absolute fortune on it.

Women's Fashion in a Downhill Economy

Whether its food or fashion, women enjoy spending top dollar on their favorite item especially when it comes to styles and beauty. Since the economy tumbled back in March of 2009 many beauty retailers from salons to top brand cosmetic lines thought that most women would cut back on spending. However the down hill trend of spending took a drastic turn during the late spring or 2009. Many economists found that the beauty concept played an active role in most female lifestyles which caused them to do maintenance on their own rather than seeking their normal beauty agent or hairstylist. However some spa and beauty salons found many customers could not stay away despite the fact that their income was cut back drastically.

When it comes to retail like hair care and cosmetics, it's a 4 billion dollar industry along with stylish essentials like jewelry, hair and nails. Hair maintenance is a service that most women have done regularly but when hard times occur like job loss, then the consumer look to the affordability of drugs stores or department stores that carry hair and nail products rather than professional hair salons. When jobs are cut back and income is reduced its been said that a women enjoys keeping up her appearance and she will find a way to still be able to maintain her beauty accessories by perhaps selling what she normally buys.

Women's fashion is a top commodity these days it's really making an impact on the economy. Despite the economy women are finding new ways to continue to purchase their beauty essentials by making extra residual income to accommodate their restricted budget. Women have found extra residual income to help finance their fashion trend. Some of the opportunities that women have achieved led them to direct selling full-time. Direct selling has been around for centuries, meaning long time ago many exchanged their services for items rather than money. While now there are many programs of direct selling that allow you to host jewelry parties for free items that you do not have to purchase instead you are rewarded with gifts for the new customers you sign up. Another great direct selling has been offered as a hobby that you like doing instead your getting paid for it this includes having a cosmetic party to showing people how to crocheting a fashionable scarf.

The economy for women has been viewed as getting better, the sales for March 2010 has improved drastically with top of the line cosmetic brands reaching an all new 52 week high on the stock market. However with the economy beginning to improve some women are finding that their hours of employment have improved. Luckily they realize that they will continue to keep their second job of direct selling simply due to the success of making it happen on their own.

Feathering Razors and Foot Buffers Helps You Stay Hygiene Besides Appearing Beautiful

Staying beautiful and especially if such an aspect in life can brought widespread appreciation, then there might not be a single individual to pick the mentioned attribute imbibed in their persona. It is an evergreen and healthy trait that almost all sections of the society irrespective of time and age desperately strive to develop no matter whatsoever. Feathering razors are some of those tool that not only the girls of sweet sixteen wants to use to support the concept of beautification. But the numbers are sky touching when housewives as well as the ladies have come up with their intense desires for similar beauty products like cuticle nippers or even nail pushers. The honest and delicate reason behind such whims and fondness are the clean and clear factors that all categories of female wants to fall under the traits of looking smart and also confident.

But on this date when fashion and style have already been kept in a new perspective not just to uplift the demand of a concept relating to beauty but also to add colors to their modes of thinking. So in support of such an evergreen facet, even the boys and the gents have been quite enthusiastic to look more handsome as well as smart. Foot buffers and manicure scissors are some of the beauty oriented accessories that even the male section of the society have started using for adding more life to their style code.

In addition to the above mentioned information; on this date; when making an impression in the eye of an observer is gaining more and importance deeper importance; there lies a definite statement for style crazy individuals. Tattoos as well as body decorations too have taken the shape of fashion hype when these tools like manicure scissors and feathering razors can create a soft and clear skin to the owner of a tattoo mark on his or her body. This is because, it is not at all a hidden concept since the days of yore that the level of confidence adds more spark to the trait that defines the smartness of a person no matter in what age group he or she falls into. So such an appreciable factor can never diminish with any drops of undesired time slot where style holding the personification of a human being to a larger extent.