Frye Boots: Functional and Fashionable

The Frye Boot Company was founded in 1863. It is one of the oldest working shoe companies right now. Frye boots outfitted soldiers in the American Civil War and the Spanish American War. They were a boot of function and utility. Today the idea remains the same, but now Frye boots have evolved into practical fashion footwear. From vintage designs, to country styles with an urban edge, all the way to louder, more adventurous styles, Frye boots have become a useful and fashion forward shoe since the mid 1800's. In the following discussion, you will read about the more traditional styles all the way to the Avant-Garde trends that the Frye Company is producing. You will also read about the durability of the best boot to wear and even how to wear Frye boots.

One of Frye's best selling boots is the rugged and simple, yet durable "Engineer" boot, which comes in several editions. This model is tough and exudes a cross between a construction worker and someone who is on her way to a whole in the wall dive bar or a back alley club. It can be used for work and for play. The "Engineer" is the quintessence of a hard-wearing, long-lasting lifestyle with an incognito tip of the hat to fashion.

The next on trend boot model that Frye has come up with is their version of the combat boot. The Frye shoe company has a traditional combat boot that is punky, edgy and effortlessly chic. Then, they have also come out with models like the "Shirley," which is a less severe, softer combat boot with a modern take and criss-cross straps. A second alternative version of the Frye combat boot is the "Rogan," a tall lacey boot with bling made in two separate styles. This boot will definitely appeal to children of the 80's.

As we talk deeper about the severe styles of Frye, notice that this company takes major fashion risks that exemplify the times. Take for instance the "Julia" grommet lace boots. This boot comes in a variety of colors with stand out borders and grommets. If the color palettes and excessive grommets aren't enough, then you can purchase the "natural" and "cognac" models with the grand Frye insignia on them. These boots are loud and risky, but make a great fashion statement and are a nice shoe to represent our out of the box times.

Moving on to a more traditional shoe, Frye is making great updated versions of the loafers and oxfords these days. Frye has masterfully created a chunky oxford with tassles and loafers on a platform pump in rustic and weathered finishes. The color gives a vintage twist to a remodernization of classic shoes.

Another mainstream shoe that Frye has created is the riding boot. Frye riding boots are sturdy enough to take on horseback and fashionable for a classic prepster to wear on a lunch date. Frye riding boots add refinement to a casual wardrobe and, if need be, are as tough as nails.

My favorite shoes from this company are the Cowboy boots. Frye takes a country idea and entwines it with a city feel. That is why I can take my vintage finished Frye cowboy boots and wear them with cut off shorts and frilly skirts for a sweet, innocent, country girl feel or I can wear them with leggings and skinny jeans for a city girl, out on the town moment.

As mentioned, there are so many stylish models of Frye boots that you can wear them almost anyway you want. Wear the "Engineer" boot paired with skinny jeans and a slouchy top, voluminous straight hair and chain earrings, and you'll play right into that tough girl niche. Take Frye combat boots with black leggings, a leather vest and steamy eye makeup and, you'll become a daring punk rocker. If you're adventurous, try on a style like the "Julia" grommet boot and pair it with bright, high-waisted shorts and a fitted tank. You're sure to be sexy, stand out in a crowd and ever so trendy. Take the loafers and oxfords to work and shopping with trouser bottoms and a printed top-it's just a nice throw back to the 60's and 70's. Don't forget to couple the riding boots with a striped cardigan, skinny jeans and a structured messenger bag for the ultimate prepster look. Finally, pair Frye cowboy boots with a printed girly dress, a cocktail dress you want to style down, a frilly skirt for thrills, skinny jeans and leggings for a sexy look and just about anything else.

The Frye boot company has been around a long time. In the beginning they outfitted men for battle, now Frye has evolved into a fashion forward company that creates long lasting, functional, beautiful footwear for everyone. You can take Frye on a rugged camping trip or for a night out on the town with many styles to choose from. Better yet, you will look great doing either when you're wearing a pair of Frye boots.

Dogs And Fashion

Q: Dogs and fashion seems to be quite an unusual title for an article, don't you think? I mean, why write or read about the connection between dogs and fashion when the two are clearly unrelated to each other.

A: There is more in it than meets the eye at first glance. Let me explain why.

Dogs have always been subject to fashion in a way that breeds come and go depending on the taste people have at a certain time. A breed which is subjected to fashion is said to go down very quickly. When there is a great demand for a certain kind of dog serious breeders as well as puppy farms tend to produce more specimen of that particular breed which in turn means a loss of quality due to over breeding.

A breed which has been unfortunate enough to become very popular pays for this with health and temperament problems.

Q: So by fashion you mean popularity of a breed, is that right?

A: Yes that is one aspect. But it is not the only one.

The next step down the line are certain popular "fashionable" training methods. Once an idea has become mainstream countless dogs are being subjected to training following the lines of that idea. If the idea is a good one based on knowledge and understanding of a dog's nature and soul the dogs trained will benefit - if the idea is unsound and not in agreement with the true nature of canines it's application will cause dogs to suffer.

Q: So what you are saying is "beware of popular training methods"?

A: Not quite. What I am saying is that a training method is not good just because it is popular and a training method which seems to be outdated or individual is not necessarily bad. You need to be critical before you buy into any kind of training philosophy.

Q. So it seems that you are using the word fashion in a very broad sense. Most people would associate clothing and accessories when they hear the word fashion. Do you also spy a connection between dogs and fashion in that sense?

A: Yes! There is a trend to use a dog as an accessory as well as buying dog collars, leads and hair clips which match the dress of the owner.

But getting sweet looking collars and leads for your dog is nice and completely harmless. Dressing a dog up like a barbie doll isn't. Putting nail varnish on your dogs claws isn't either because of the smell and the chemicals which are in no way really safe.

Putting coats on dogs disturbs their thermo-regulation and interferes with their coat shedding cycles. It is a threat to your dog's health in the long run because it interferes with his natural and healthy programming.

Dogs have all they need to be a happy species. They don't need clothing or dressing up like humans do. Their coats are meant to withstand any weather condition, provided they are healthy. Dogs without coats are a different matter of course. But the normal kind of dog surely profits if it's natural properties are not interfered with.

Shoes For Function and Fashion

Shoes have always been a big part of people's lives, right from the time they started using them for protection up to now when footwear is mostly used as fashion items.

Let's take a look at some of the important reasons why people wear shoes:


The main reason why shoes were invented was for protection, especially from worms. There are may types of worms that people can get from the ground when they go barefoot. Some of the common ones are tapeworms and round worms. These can easily get into a person's system through his soles' pores. Shoes protect a person from these worms which can cause different types of diseases, sometimes fatal ones.


Aside from protection from worms, another way that shoes are of value is through the protection they give against cuts. Shoes protect people from things that can cause tears or punctures on their skin such as thumbtacks, nails and tin cans.


Aside from giving protection to their wearer, shoes make a person look good. They are used all over the world not only to protect feet but also to add a fashionable look to them. And this goes for all ages. Some of the different types of shoes used by people are sneakers, high-cut shoes, rubber shoes, and sports shoes.


Shoes are not just worn for protection and fashion. Athletes also use them to give them a certain advantage over their competitors. If you are an athlete, then it is very important for you to wear the most comfortable shoes so you can move with ease and are able to focus on achieving your goal in any game without any hassle. Each kind of sport has a unique shoe design that works for its players. For example, football shoes are designed differently from basketball shoes.


Believe it or not, walking may seem to be a daily task but walking without wearing any means of protection can cause stress to your feet. Shoes allow you to walk or run with less stress and risk of injury to your feet.

Shoes can serve many functions and what's great about them is, not only are they useful. The right shoes also make a beautiful addition to the right outfit.

Scissors, Tweezers, Nippers And Foot Buffer Will Help You In Self Grooming

Populaces from all across the globe believe that cutting hair (irrespective of the fact that it is facial or not) is very straight forward and unproblematic. On the contrary you need the right kind of accessories and a steady hand to achieve professional looking results from your home. Some of the fashion accessories you might require while trying out to style your locks under your own supervision are: - Hair cutting Scissors, Tweezers, Foot buffer, Professional scissors, etc.

You do not have to have prior experience or take up beauty courses to try out these. Just find a reliable and trustworthy web portal wherein you can procure these accessories and you are all ready to start self grooming from home. Professional scissors and Hair cutting Scissors will make sure that your tresses look eye-catching and gorgeous whereas tweezers will make certain that your eye brows are in shape.

While shopping for these scissors, tweezers, nippers and foot buffer, you should make certain that they are of the very best quality and that they will help you achieve professional upshots. Apart from hair, nails also play a pretty important role in showcasing beauty. Nail and toe nipper will surely sweep you off your feet as they proffer you professional looking results from the very comfort of your own dwelling, without having to visit any parlor or beauty salon.

Fortuitously there are a lot of really low-cost and straightforward means to procure these fashion accessories and the best way is to bring into play the World Wide Web. Thus you do not have to scratch your head as to how should you go about acquiring them. After using the Nail and Toe Nipper, you will be able to endlessly experiment with your nails and make them utterly alluring and attractive. Play with colors and make the girl with you launch the 'creativity, present from your femininity through in nail craft for your nails. Reveal your imaginatively painted nails, blanketed together with showiness and shimmer; producing all people impress along with your rhombus thick nails.

It is entirely discretionary in order to place in a chunk of shade and choose natural colors. The great thing about nail art is always that you are able to prefer any plan and enable your visualization function. All of concerns for nail skill is a great deal of rehearse and endurance. A perfect method matching the nail shades with your business after nail gloss color is not really available. So you have to use your own imagination to make certain that the design appeals to your penchant.

Why is Duri Nail Polish the 'Stylish Cure'?

A woman's hand bears a remarkable aura when complemented with a nail polish that matches with her skin tone and her dress. One should be prudent enough to choose the nail polish which suits your personality, as choosing the wrong one could have unintended ramifications.

Duri as a cosmetic company is probably one of the front runners when it comes to manufacturing and distributing nail polish. The company has a sizable presence in the cosmetic industry and being a Duri customer, you have the option to choose from more than 200 contemporary shades of nail coating.

Such a vast range of shades caters to the mass market so if you are a professional you can select Duri polish from their formal range of nail polishes. Alternatively, if you are a student or a homemaker, you have option to choose from the casual Duri range. Thus, Duri has nail gloss ranges for different purposes catering to the needs of different segments of customers.

Apart from providing elegance and beauty to your hands, Duri nail polish also has various other advantages which make it a best seller amongst most nail cosmetic brands. When applied, it lasts long and is sensitive to your skin, thus it makes for a good choice for working women.

If you are have short and stubby fingernails, then with continuous usage, the nutrients present in Duri nail varnish would make your nails grow up faster as its special internally nourishing formula accentuates the beauty of your nails and your hands which goes a long way in making you more confident. Also, for women using acrylics as substitute of nail lacquer for brittle nails, Duri nail gloss has come out to their rescue, as when applied on a continuous basis, it makes the nails stronger as well and thus make them grow to a reasonable length soon.