Nail Health - What the Issues Are and How to Get Healthy Nails

Calcium deficiency has been blamed for so many nail ailments, with a poor diet and lack of nutrients one may a have need to be concerned. For most of the population, there is no need to be concerned about this. Nail issues may indicate severe health problems for some, but with no other symptoms dehydration and stress is likely to blame. Organic sulfur and diatomaceous earth have been known to help nails and hair grow. While improvements may be noted, they stop when the supplements are no longer being introduced into the body. Nail polishes can be painted onto the nail; however, harsh chemicals like formaldehyde and toluene are sometimes found in the strengtheners.

Flaking and peeling- Peeling can occur from one side of the nail to the other. Flaking can start at the moon (whitish crescent shaped area just before the nail bed) and continue to the tip. Peeling can be very painful and cause bleeding which is easily to become infected. Suffers of peeling often start to bite at their nails to get rid of the irritating nail piece. Flaking seems to start at the tip of the nail and continue back to the nail bed. Flaking thins the nail and makes it very weak. With the nail thinned it is easier for chemicals to absorb into the soft tissue and enter the body. To stop the flaking and peeling, one can use the strengthening nail polish. The polish normally has a type of "glue" that helps hold the nail together with some nutrients that are suppose to absorb into the nail. This "glue" is a mixture of chemicals that most would not want getting into their body. Weather, prescriptions, and household cleaners are the major causes of flaking and peeling. This is because they can be drying to the nail. Proper hydration, wearing gloves while cleaning, and vitamin e or lotion applied to the hands help tremendously to strength and hydrate the nail.

Fungus- Thickening of the nail with a yellowish tint and no noticeable growth in length is a sure sign of a fungus infection. While these infections are embarrassing, they can be cleared up with a cream from drugstores; however these drugs can be hard on the liver. Natural ways to rid fungus from the nail include; soaking the nail twice a day in vinegar or tea tree oil. Apply a petroleum jelly after the tea tree oil to protect the nail from drying out. Even if the fungus has been present for an extended time, the nail normally heals quickly with no permanent damage.

White spots-These spots appear on the nails which grow out with the nail. While this has put undue fear into many people because of the incorrect notion that it is due to calcium deficiency. The white spots are actually bruises that tend to show up long after the trauma had occurred. These are less severe versions of a black nail that generally falls off. White spots grow out with the nail and can be trimmed off after they are past the quick of the nail. They cannot be buffed away while they are present, but covering with a colored nail polish or just living with them for awhile tend to be suitable fixes. Being gentle with hand and nails is the preventative step.

Vertical Ridges- Ridges that extend the length of the nail from the nail bed to the tip. Vertical ridges are no indicator of health. While some push the notion that they are a sign or de hydration, most people find that they are hereditary. By gently buffing with a special fine buffing file the ridges are worn away. This is not a permanent solution, the ridges will grow back after a couple of weeks but can be buffed away to create a nice shiny finish on the nail.

"Horizontal" ridges- Deep ridges that form parallel to the nail bed. Horizontal ridges are important to take note of. They can be a sign of a lung disorder or malnutrition. If a blue color is seen with these ridges doctors expertise is recommended because it is a sign of arsenic poisoning. Horizontal ridges are also another indicator of trauma sustained to the nail bed; common after removal of fake nails, or intense pressure or pulling on the nail bed.

Nail health is important to keep track of since it is such a good indicator of overall health. Proper hydration and being gentle on our nails is the best preemptive measure for great nail health. Supplements such as organic sulfur and diatomaceous earth are helpful in achieving beautiful nails. Biting of nails and using harsh chemicals can destroy the appearance and strength of the nail. Being gentle, staying hydrated and consuming vitamins is the best way to achieve nail health.