Fake Nails and Tricky Tales

Fake nails are fast becoming a trend. A modern woman in order to be perfect needs to be sure that she looks good from top to bottom so much so that even fake nails on toes are becoming trendy. Forget the discomfort factor that the super high heels supporting super long toe nails provide. Being fashionable is a luxury but at the same time provides no comfort either in physical or financial terms. As long as women can trick men into believing that those long sexy nails belong truly to them - discomfort is a small price to pay.

But let me tell you a few tricks of the trade that one should bear in mind to avoid the fake nails catch. At the onset, one must consult a professional manicurist to advise you on the type of fake nails most suitable to your needs. Pick a set of party nails, which are pre-painted to a color of your choice, after ensuring that they fit your own fingernails. If one opts for an unpolished set, you can choose to paint on desired colors and decorate the tips prior to fastening them. Avoid over gluing since the glue is very sticky.

If the fake nails you chose hang over the sides they are obviously one size big for you. Application of the glue should start from the center then to the sides and this will save you sticky tales later. You also run the risk of damaging your own nails. While fastening the nail make sure that the cuticle remains untouched. Brushing on tea tree oil before you glue them on will prevent fungus formation. Similarly using a brush on glue; leaves no room for mess, achieving better coverage with no fuss. Using pure acetone helps easy and quick removal.

The various styles in fake nails ranging from sculpted nails, fiberglass nails, acrylic nails, gel nails, linen, silk wraps, solar gel nails, fiber wraps, etc. Fake nails of the gel type are available in two varieties - light cured or no light gel nails. Unfortunately fake ones crack easily letting the cat out of the bag. Appearances can prove to become deceptive!

Fake nails are great if you suddenly feel the need for long and manicured nails. They're a great alternative for those dealing with brittle nails that never seem to grow. So, if you're one who doesn't have the patience to grow their nails to a desired length simply opt for the route described above.